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Cvent FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions and answers for the event management service Cvent.

For event registrants and attendees (end users)

Q: What is required in order to become an end user (such as an event registrant or attendee) with Cvent at Stanford?
A: Nothing is required to become an event registrant using Cvent. Just register for events as needed and enjoy the experience!

For event creators and managers (admins)

General / setup

Q: What is required in order to become an admin user for Cvent at Stanford?
A: To become an admin user in Cvent, you must complete required trainings first. Learn the steps to get started with Cvent.
Q: How do I get help with using Cvent?
A: For help with getting started with Cvent, please contact the UIT Cvent project team. For help with Cvent if already using the platform, view How to get Cvent support.

Billing and payments

Q: What are the rates for this Cvent service?
A: View the Cvent Rates page for full details on service rates.
Q: What fees and details will be allocated using the Event PTA?

A: Event planners will be prompted to provide an Event PTA when creating an event in Cvent. This PTA will be used to allocate the following billing monthly that will post into Oracle:

  • Registration fees: Charged to expenditure type/object code 58502
  • Revenue: Default booked to expenditure type/object code 46630 (misc revenue) unless otherwise specified in the event
  • Credit Card Processing fees: Charged to expenditure type/object code 54350
  • Stanford Merchant Services fees: Charged to expenditure type/object code 58502

Event PTAs used for fee allocation must meet the following requirements:

  • Be valid
  • Be a designated PTA
  • Be able to accept expenditure type/object codes in the 4xxxx and 5xxxx series
  • Be in the award range of A, or B-F series
  • Not be a gift PTA
Q: Can I have multiple PTAs for one event?
A: No. You will only have one PTA, which is where billing is allocated.
Q: How do I get help or ask questions about Cvent billing?
A: For questions about Cvent billing, send our team a help request.

Data and security

Q: How secure is the data stored in Cvent?
A: Data is only visible to users that have a Cvent login and can log in with their SUNet ID, unless you share report data with individuals outside of the system.
Q: Is Cvent approved for High Risk Protected Health Information (PHI) Data or personally identifiable information (PII)? FERPA?
A: Cvent is NOT approved for High Risk PHI Data. Learn about data risk classifications at Stanford.
Last modified March 19, 2024