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UIT Building Evacuation

General EH&S evacuation procedures >>

Stanford Redwood City (SRWC) building evacuation procedures and EAP locations >>

Historic Campus building evacuation procedures and Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) locations

  • Duck and cover (if building is shaking); otherwise evacuate the building immediately if you hear the fire alarm or see the strobe lights.
  • Check on everyone in your immediate environment with a verbal response.
  • Remain in duck and cover until immediate aftershocks subside.
  • Take the EAP clipboard and checklist (located at the exits) with you as you leave your building.
  • Take your keys, coats, and satchels with you as you leave your building.
  • Identify the injured as you leave the building – give information to UIT SCERT.
  • Knock down glass shards in window if only escape route.
  • Put thick jacket over window sill when exiting through window on ground floor.
  • Get as many people out of the building without going back in by using voice commands to direct them to you.
  • Report to the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP).
Building EAP Location
Birch 107-2 Open area along Panama St., west of parking lot
Forsythe 111 Across Panama St., open area south of Carnegie Institution
Pine 108 Across Panama St., in front of Ventura Hall
Polya 107-3 North side of driveway, between Pine and Polya, along Panama St.
Puichon 109 Open area along Oak Road, north of EH&S facility

Last modified April 25, 2023