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Stanford Community Emergency Response Team (SCERT)

Note: The UIT SCERT program has been on hold temporarily through the pandemic.

The scope of the Stanford Community Emergency Response Team (SCERT) activities noted below is focused on the historic campus; activities related to health and safety at Stanford Redwood City are managed by SRWC Operations.


The Stanford Community Emergency Response Team (SCERT) augments first responders, serving as a key resource in the university’s response planning. The mission of SCERT is to provide emergency support in a disaster situation to staff and members of the Stanford community, including:

  • Evacuation instructions to staff
  • Assistance in building evacuation
  • Triage and first aid activities where necessary
  • Establish and maintain communications

UIT SCERT responsibilities and protocols

UIT has maintained an active SCERT program (with the exception of through the pandemic) for over 20 years.

Safety is our paramount concern; take care of yourself, your unit/team, and our UIT community – in that priority order. The UIT SCERT is a team; independent team member action, though laudatory, is not part of our philosophy. First Aid is our primary focus: triage, treatment, and medical transport. We will strive to provide complete, accurate, and timely communications. Along with a Team Leader, we coordinate activities for our unit's focus, direction, and actions. Supervisors have authority and responsibility for their unit direction and actions. Coordinators are responsible for their unit actions. The counsel of all team members and support volunteers will be carefully considered.

UIT SCERT is under the direction of the UIT DOC (Department Operations Center), once activated.

The UIT SCERT will not be deployed until there are at least three (3) Supervisors or Coordinators present. Volunteers will be briefed before deployment. Upon evacuation, team members should take fire extinguishers and First Aid kits from their building and bring them to the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) Coordinator and then go to check-in at the ARK (Ark is a Latin-based word that means a "box" or container) between Polya and Pine Halls.

Members must be trained and will participate in University classes to renew their First Aid and CPR certification every two years. Members must participate in the University Building Assessment Training (BAT). If you retire from the team, you are obligated to return all supplies allocated to you.


  • Assemble at the ARK
  • Assess situation
  • Establish Chain of Command, check out gear (no gear, no deployment)
  • Establish COMnet before deployment
  • Travel outside of ARK or EAP should be accomplished with two team members, exceptions are very rare, this applies to couriers and runners as well
  • Maintain an orderly chain of command to guarantee success
  • Complete checklists
  • Maintain unit log
  • Defer to all civil authority (fire department, police, doctors, national guard) in all situations

Monthly UIT SCERT Forums

Monthly meetings are held to review current events, practice skills, and plan for the annual UIT SCERT exercise. To review materials from prior meetings, please reference the UIT SCERT Google Shared Drive (accessible to UIT only).




Annual UIT SCERT Exercises


SCERT Procedures

Last modified June 27, 2023