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Email Virtual Domain


Email Virtual Domain provides Stanford departments and business groups with their own vanity email domain forwarding. For example, Email Virtual Domain enables department foo to list its email as Department and group administrators can manage the email aliases for their domains via a web interface. Many departments are running their own mail servers administered by one or two staff members, who must monitor it 24/7 and deal with any issues that arise. With Email Virtual Domain service, you can retain your specialized email addresses while avoiding the expense and burden of maintaining a server.

Who can request this service

If you are a department or group system administrator running a mail server, you can request a virtual domain. Once your virtual domain is in place, you can create all the email aliases your department needs.

If you are currently running a department mail server and would like to transition to the Email Virtual Domain service, submit a request using the Getting started directions below, and University IT will work with you to create a suitable cutover plan.


  • Emails to aliases at the virtual domain have the same virus and junk mail filtering as emails to the domain.
  • Emails to aliases at the virtual domain are subject to the same secure email routing and encryption rules as emails to the domain.
  • A virtual domain can have secondary domains. Emails to secondary domains will be treated and routed the same as emails to the primary domain.

How to use

See How to Use page for instructions on adding and editing aliases.


For support, please submit a HelpSU ticket.


There is no charge currently associated with the Email Virtual Domain Service.

Getting started

To request the service, a department or group administrator should submit a HelpSU ticket. For example, to request the virtual domain, the group administrator should submit a HelpSU ticket with the following information:

  • Domain*:
  • Secondary domains:,
  • Management workgroup*: uit:administrators
  • Contact email*:
  • Oracle Financial Account*: xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxx
    The account number is required only to validate requests; there is currently no charge for Email Virtual Domain service.

* Required

Last modified January 11, 2016