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Changes to StanfordWho

StanfordWho, formerly known as Stanford People and Organization Search, is the web application that allows you to search the Stanford directory of faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates at Stanford University and the Stanford hospitals to view contact and organization information. StanfordWho displays both a public directory and a restricted Stanford/Affiliates view. You must be logged in with your SUNet ID to search in the Stanford/Affiliates view.

What's new?

Now, when you use StanfordWho ( in the Stanford/Affilliates view, you will see a new display, features and functionality.

Some enhancements include:

  • Visibility into your role and department in the organization. . Your department(s) will appear on your profile, and you will see associated departments of anyone you look up in the directory. You can also click on the org chart icon and explore an interactive organization chart.
  • The ability to search the Stanford directory by keyword topics. This allows you to search for Stanford colleagues by area of work or specialty.
  • Your visible Stanford Profiles (Community Academic Profiles, or CAP) photo. For those who do not have a visible Stanford Profile photo, you will see a Stanford stock image.

Read the UIT story about the new StanfordWho.

Changes to StanfordWho profile interface

When you search the new StanfordWho ( in the Stanford/Affilliates view, you will see a new interface.

Each individual Stanford faculty, staff, student and sponsored affiliate will have a new profile interface. You will see the following in each profile:

  1. Stanford stock photo or Stanford Profile photo. Displays visible photos on Stanford Profiles (Community Academic Profiles, or CAP). For those who do not have visible Stanford Profile photos, you will see a Stanford stock image.
  2. Contact information. Displays preferred contact information. Note: A lock icon indicates information that is only visible to you. 
  3. Department quick link. Navigates you to the organizational listing.
  4. Edit your profile (on your own profile page). Sends you to StanfordYou where you can change what you would like to be listed in both the public and Stanford views.
  5. Stanford Profile link. Navigates you to Stanford Profile page.
  6. Organization Chart. Explore an interactive organization chart
  7. Department link (under contact information). Navigates you to the organizational listing.
  8. Directory.Navigates you to the top level Stanford directory where you use filters to search.
  9. Discover. Displays profiles that you recently viewed.
  10. Search. Enter a person's name, email, SUNet ID, department, title, or other keywords.


New StanfordWho profile screen:

Changes to StanfordWho directory interface

When you click Directory in the top navigation,  you will see a list of people based on the category or filter settings in the left side bar.

This screen includes:

  1. Directory by categories (e.g., People, Groups, Departments).
  2. The ability to filter your search by department, title, group, experience and education.
  3. The lists that you search display the name, title and Stanford ID photo (if available) of each person.
  4. The Stanford stock photo at the top corner of the page navigates you to your Stanford directory profile listing.

Feedback and help
If you have feedback about the new interface, please submit this StanfordWho feedback form. If you need assistance with using the new StanfordWho, please submit a Help ticket.
Last modified October 16, 2018