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Teams Naming Guidelines

Microsoft Teams is being rolled out in phases to help facilitate more seamless collaboration with the Stanford hospitals. Learn more.

A consistent naming strategy is valuable in helping us to maintain an organized environment. Everyone can find the right teams more effortlessly, and we’ll avoid unnecessary duplicates.

Microsoft Teams naming prefixes

By starting names with a short prefix, we ensure everyone sees this key information immediately.

In the Stanford University tenant, the names of all Microsoft Teams start with the standard prefix "SU-Group-” by default.

The prefix is added automatically added to the name when the Team is created. The rest of the Team name needs to be entered manually by the person who is creating the Team.

Naming guidelines for Microsoft Teams

When creating a new Microsoft Team, please apply the following naming convention:

SU-Group-{Organization or School Name Prefix} {Department/Group}


  • SU-Group-UIT Finance Team
  • SU-Group-UIT Comms Team

Team names should include something to identify your group or its purpose in the context of the university as a whole. For example, " Finance Team" would not be specific enough to differentiate your group from the many other finance teams around the university. "UIT Finance Team" would be more helpful.

Teams created with names that don't follow these guidelines may be renamed.

Notes about naming

  • A space or underscore is allowed between fields within the name.
  • The following special characters are not allowed: ~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }.
  • Team names cannot exceed 64 characters.
  • Ensure you're using a unique public name when creating the Team.
Last modified February 26, 2024