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Teams Guest Experience: Known Issues


Teams and other Microsoft collaboration apps can help us to work with others, but some known issues may the collaboration experience. As is the nature of cloud services, Microsoft is actively updating, improving, and changing the guest experience.  In the meantime, it may be helpful to be aware of these common challenges. 

Joining a team

  • Link in the email notification of "guest" chat or invite to a Team may not complete over to a guest tenant and instead stops at the home tenant. 


  • When you click a link to open a chat or file in Teams, it will try to open the correct file or chat but always defaults to opening the tenant where you last authenticated. If the file, chat, etc., is not accessible by your account in that tenant in your last-authenticated tenant, Teams will not be able to load the file, chat, etc. You may gain access to the information if you switch to a different tenant and re-click the link.
  • Although you can find and send chats to colleagues in tenants, they will be able to see the message only if they have either accepted chat (via email) or been added to a Team.
  • You must switch your view to the guest tenant to chat as a guest. If you switch from the main desktop app, you will not see the messages in your home tenant. 

Working with apps

  • Whiteboard is only available to guest users during a meeting.
  • Guest users cannot add files or apps to tabs at the top of a channel.
Last modified February 26, 2024