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Google Team Drive FAQ

What types of files can be added to a Google Team Drive?

All file types can be added to a Team Drive, except Google Maps and existing documents with attached Apps Scripts.

Can I move a folder from My Drive to a Team Drive?

No. You cannot move folders from a My Drive to a Team Drive. You can only move files, but you can move multiple files at once. For more information and instructions see Migrate Files to Google Team Drive.

Can I sync files to my computer?

No, currently the laptop/desktop Google Drive sync tool does not sync files stored in Team Drives. If you are the owner of a large share in your My Drive and you use the Google Drive sync tool to sync files to and from you desktop or laptop machine, you will not be able to sync the files if you move them to a Team Drive. Google recently released Drive File Stream for enterprise and educational institutions, but is not recommended for use until a conflict with System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) is resolved.

Can I use a Drive Volume Letter (e.g. G:) for my Google Drive Sync Folder?

No. You cannot use a drive volume letter for your Team Drive files. This feature is expected in a future release of the Google Drive desktop application.

How long do files I delete stay in Trash?

Each Team Drive has its own trash. Files and folders in the Trash are deleted forever after 30 days. Team members can delete specific files sooner.

Can I restore deleted files?

Yes, you can restore deleted files if you have Edit access or full access.

Last modified March 8, 2018