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CrashPlan Backup Responsibility Matrix

The Responsibility Matrix indicates whether University IT or the client is ultimately responsible for performing the listed task. In instances where there are check marks (✓) in both columns, both the client and University IT must coordinate their efforts to ensure the successful completion of the task. It is not the intent of any Responsibility Matrix to absolutely define every process, function or task performed as a contracted function.

SERVICE NAME Client University IT
Install client software  
Post and maintain documentation indicating include/excludes for default configurations  
User Onboarding: Create new user accounts in CrashPlan admin console  
Identify a single individual to act as a "Client Contact" for technical communications  
Identify a single individual to act as a "Client Contact" for administrative and billing communications  
Immediately deactivate user accounts and delete all user archives when users or devices become ineligible for the service.  
Notify University IT if unauthorized user accounts are identified and corrective administrative action is needed, using Stanford Services  
Review monthly billing reports and immediately report discrepancies, using Stanford Services  
Review the number of client licenses used by each Organization   
Alert the campus community to sustained, unscheduled interruptions using the University Alerts system  
Troubleshoot client software  
Restore individual user data  
Perform individual test restores  
Monitor individual user backups  
Enforce encryption of backup data, authentication mechanisms and proper handling of user archives  
Collect identifying client information, including IP address and location, authenticating activity (SUNet IDs), specific restore and backup actions  
Perform log analysis to identify suspicious activity  
Conform to the responsibilities for handling electronic data as found in the Stanford Administrative Guide, Section 6
Last modified April 26, 2024