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CrashPlan Archive Key Password

Archive key password

At all times, your CrashPlan data is automatically encrypted before it leaves your computer and is transmitted over a secure network connection. Although already highly secure, there are some circumstances in which you might choose to add another layer of encryption to further safeguard data from unauthorized access.

For extra security, you can add an Archive key password to your account. This advanced option should only be considered if you are comfortable managing your own backups and fastidiously handling your passwords.

The default encryption scheme is sufficient for most use cases. Consequently, as a matter of policy, some organizations disable the Archive key password option to ensure persistent data accessibility.


Adding an Archive key password, in addition to your Account password, means that only you have access to your archives. No one, including the company that sells CrashPlan or anyone at Stanford, will be able to view your files. Importantly, your local IT support team will no longer be able restore files on your behalf if you submit a Help ticket.

If you forget your Archive key password, all your data will be inaccessible. You will need to reset all of your backups from scratch.

Get started

If you decide to add an Archive key password, the password must be applied to all your devices and all of your data will need to be re-backed-up in order to be newly encrypted. You will lose any historical archives on all your devices and you cannot downgrade to using Account key passwords only, unless you start everything again.

Learn more

Contact your local IT support team to enable the enhanced Archive key password. See the CrashPlan documentation for instructions to setup and use an Archive key password.

Last modified February 7, 2023