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Ordering, Billing, and Deploying CrashPlan


Departments can request to Add CrashPlan service for your organization. Members of the Stanford community with an active SUNet account are eligible. Service is intended for home, office, and remote computers that are related to employment.

This service is acceptable for all risk classification types. To safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), users with this type of data on their computer must submit a Request to ensure that all backup data is handled appropriately. 


Deploying apps to specific organizations requires a unique deployment policy, created and maintained by a customer cloud admin role (equivalent of a system administrator). 

Organizations purchase one license per user. Each user may have up to four devices. 

To prevent unexpected charges, organizations can request a cap to the number of licenses associated with this license key. Submit a change service request to later adjust the quota.

Learn more about strategies for deploying to user devices here.


This service is a ongoing subscription, with billing adjustments made each month. Subscribing organizations are billed for the actual number of licenses in use when tallied in the last week of the month. Monthly recurring charges are thus adjusted according to the actual number of licenses in use. 


A license is considered “in use” if the user account still has archive data in retention. Simply having a user depart your organization or Stanford, or the computer be unreachable, unused, blocked, suspended or de-authorized, does not mean the license will be automatically returned or the billing adjusted downward. Your local IT support organization that manages your CrashPlan subscription will need to manually deactivate a user account through the admin console. This will automatically and permanently delete all the data associated with that user account, and your organization will not be charged further for that license.

Refer to the Stanford Admin Guide Section 6.2.1 under the section concerning Computer and Network Usage Policy for information on the appropriate use for information resources, including CrashPlan backup service.


Installers can be downloaded from the Admin Console (use server address:

Please note that custom installers will no longer be updated.

Last modified December 11, 2023