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Ordering, Billing, and Deploying Code42 CrashPlan


Departments may order Code42 CrashPlan (formerly CrashPlan PROe) backup via OrderIT. Members of the Stanford community with an active SUNet account are eligible. Service is intended for home, office, and remote computers that are related to employment.

This service is acceptable for all risk classification types. To safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), users with this type of data on their computer must submit a Request to ensure that all backup data is handled appropriately. 


Organizations wishing to provide desktop backup will be provided a unique, non-transferable Organization Serial Code associated with a PTA. Management and distribution of this key is at the discretion of the organization. 

For organizations using BigFix, a generic fixlet is available for mass installs with your customized installer as a payload.

Organizations purchase one license per user. Each user may have up to four devices. 

To prevent unexpected charges, organizations can request a cap to the number of licenses associated with this license key. Submit a Request to later adjust the quota.

Organizations can distribute an internally customized installer that will enforce certain configuration options.  See the CrashPlan documentation for information on this advanced procedure.


This service is intended to be an annual subscription, with payments spread over 12 months. Billing adjustments are usually made quarterly; departments are billed for the number of licenses observed to be in use, as tallied around the third week of February, May, August, and November.  Monthly recurring charges are adjusted during the year depending on the number of actual licenses consumed. 


A license is considered “in use” if the user account still has archive data in retention. Simply having a computer be unreachable or inactive does not mean the license will be automatically canceled or billing stopped.

To cancel backup for any user or group, submit a Request. Specify the name of the user and the account will be immediately deactivated and all associated data permanently deleted.

Periodically, all accounts are verified for continued eligibility. Any account found to be ineligible will be deactivated immediately and all user data deleted permanently.

Refer to the Stanford Admin Guide Section 6.2.1 under the section concerning Computer and Network Usage Policy for information on the appropriate use for information resources, including Code42 CrashPlan backup service.


Connect to Stanford Box to download the latest custom installers for OS X, Windows, and Linux. You will need to supply your Organization Serial Code in the registration key field to proceed with installation. These installers are pre-configured with the name of the server. Users are instructed to use the  Single Sign-On option. You may be prompted to enter your two-step authentication code. 


Last modified June 23, 2017