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Cardinal Key Known Issues

IDP Session error

If you should encounter the following error, you can try the following:

You may encounter this error by going to Axess, Webmail, Ofweb, etc.


1. Go to the following URL:

You will see the following screen:

2. Quit your browser entirely. (Closing the tab is insufficient.)
3. Relaunch the browser. (If you need to restore your tabs, you can go to History and relaunch your last session.)

4. Now, try to browse to the Cardinal Key Restricted resource.

*If you had previously cleared the browser cache, you may need to reset the Cardinal Key cookie. Go to: and Enable Cardinal Key.

You may need to Quit your browser and relaunch for it to take effect.


SAML Login error

A SAML login error occurs when you've installed and enabled a  Cardinal Key then try to install another Cardinal Key using the same browser that the Cardinal Key was enabled for.  To resolve the error, go to and disable the Cardinal Key before attempting to install a new one.

Unable to Athenticate via SAML error message

Last modified June 30, 2021