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Launching Your Service into Production

What is a Service Launch?

Launching your service simply means that you are officially making it available to your clients for use. If you have built your service by following the service development process defined in this toolkit, then your launch should be a smooth transition from testing into production, with no unpleasant surprises.

As you prepare for launch day, convene your service team one last time. This meeting should include technology staff, Business Partners, and representatives from the University IT Communications Team. At this meeting, verify the following:

  • The Service Summary Template or Checklist is complete
  • Communication has been sufficient to all affected groups - users and support staff especially
  • Necessary training is complete or nearly complete
  • The service is tested and is ready to be used in production

Finally - celebrate with your team! Acknowledging their accomplishments is an important part of this process!

I want to: Here’s how: When: Who is responsible?
Prepare for service launch Schedule final review meeting to ensure production readiness 2-3 weeks prior to targeted launch date Service manager