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November 2015 Update

From: Nancy E Ware <>
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2015 4:40 PM
Cc: Nancy E Ware
Subject: November 2015 Update: ServiceNow Implementation Efforts
Dear Campus Stakeholders and University IT Change Partners:
Thank you for working with the project team as the IT Service Management Initiative, which includes the ServiceNow Implementation Project, gets underway.  Many of you were able to attend an initial briefing session with us about a month ago.  As a result of that briefing you volunteered (or were selected) to work more closely with the project team on some of the implementation details as well as to serve as a conduit to support the two-way flow of information.  
A Recap of Your Role
Your role is extremely important to the project and its success.  The key responsibilities of your role include information sharing, keeping people informed about the project's process, and helping those around you adapt more easily to new ways of working.  We also plan to leverage your expertise to develop or respond to use cases, to confirm how processes are being defined, and to participate as acceptance testers. 
Our Plan is to Communicate Monthly
We plan to update you on at least a monthly basis, either via email or through a face-to-face session.  This email serves as the November 2015 update.  We are planning to invite you to a ServiceNow demo-type session in December (tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 10th).
We always welcome your input and feedback.  Please contact me ( or Kathy Pappas-Kassaras ( if there is a topic you want us to address in future updates or if you need any assistance to support you in your role with the project team.
November 2015 Update
Here are a few updates and highlights about the project for this month.  
1.  The primary focus of the project is the Alpha rollout scheduled for release in February 2016. The scope for this phase includes the initial configuration of the ServiceNow tool centered on the incident process to support the eight services delivered by University IT to Stanford Health Care (the adult hospital).  Stanford Health Care implemented their instance of ServiceNow on September 1, 2015.  This rollout helps us integrate our processes more seamlessly with theirs and serves as the proof-of-concept for the overall ServiceNow implementation.
2.  Acorio, our implementation partner, recently delivered the initial design requirements that will identify the configuration choices for Incident Management.  We are now well into building out the Incident Management functionality.  
3.  One-on-one meetings with campus stakeholders are underway.  These sessions enable a more focused discussion between project team members and units to understand requirements and clarify expectations.  You can view the current schedule and planned meeting participants by visiting 
Please let us know if you have any questions.  We will be back in touch to provide additional details about the December 10th meeting.
Nancy Ware
University IT
on behalf of the ServiceNow Implementation Team

Last modified December 9, 2015