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It's Alive...ServiceNow December launch complete

This morning, we completed the December release of ServiceNow. Now we’re focused on supporting you in your transition to the enhanced system and new processes. We hope none of this comes as a surprise to you, but because reminders are nice, here are a few about what’s expected of you and how you can get help if you need it.


Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Use ServiceNow for Incident Management and Request Management

    Effective today, ServiceNow is the system you must use for all UIT Incident Management and Request Management. These two new processes join Change Management, Problem Management, and Knowledge Management, already in ServiceNow since August.

  • Direct clients to the new Stanford Services Portal

    Today is also the launch of the new Stanford Services Portal, our clients’ starting point for getting IT support from UIT, replacing HelpSU for UIT requests. You should start sending clients directly to for UIT support.

  • Continue to check your existing HelpSU (Remedy) queue . . . as well as your new ServiceNow queue

    Your existing help tickets will remain in your HelpSU (Remedy) queue. These tickets were not transferred to your ServiceNow queue. You should continue to resolve those tickets in Remedy.

    Until Remedy goes away completely, you may have tickets coming into both systems. As best we can control it, all new help tickets will go into your ServiceNow queue. When clients go directly to the main page out of habit or through a link, they will be redirected to the Services Portal when they click “Have a SUNet ID?” We’re also updating any links on our UIT webpages that bypass the main HelpSU page (i.e., links that use “pcats” and go to a specific form in Remedy). We’re changing them to direct clients to the appropriate form in the Services Portal.

    However, we know we’ll miss some of those Remedy links and clients may still be able to submit a help ticket in HelpSU that ends up in your Remedy queue. Please continue to check both your existing HelpSU queue and your new ServiceNow queue to be sure you see all your new tickets. We hope to have this all cleaned up soon so you’ll only have one queue to monitor. If you discover a link that needs to be changed, or you need to know the ServiceNow equivalent for your Remedy pcat, let us know and we’ll take care of it. 



We’re geared up to support you in your transition to the new system and processes. Here are some ways.

  • Go to training: At this point, we hope you’ve already attended the required ServiceNow training. If not, you should sign up right away. If you have any trouble signing up for a class, contact Rachel Manongdo (
  • Visit the Project Central Support Room: Visit or call into our on-site support location where you can talk directly with a support team member.
    • Location: Spruce Hall, F2
    • Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Dates: M–F, Dec. 5–16 and Jan. 4–12
    • BlueJeans (for call-in)Dial 1.408.740.7256 or 1.888.240.2560; Enter Conference ID: 782765647
  • Submit a help ticket: You can submit a ticket directly in ServiceNow that will go immediately to our support team. Simply go to and click the Information Technology button and the Submit a Help Ticket button. 
  • Leverage additional resources: At the project site, you'll find contact information for process owners, user guides, past communications and videos, and other support resources. And don't forget that each workgroup has a “change champion.” These are folks with whom we communicate with regularly to keep up-to-date about project plans and schedules, and from whom we gather input. You can provide feedback to your change champion any time and it will be relayed back to the project team. 
  • Stay tuned: Over the next couple of weeks, as we see what common questions we’re receiving, we’ll create knowledge articles in ServiceNow to give you even faster access to the answers you’re looking for.



We appreciate your support for the new processes and your patience as we fine tune the new system.

The ServiceNow Implementation Team

Last modified December 16, 2016