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Operate with Excellence

Running our operation with excellence is a prerequisite for delivering our core services, while enabling us to be both bold and innovative.

To that end, we will:

  • Structure our organization to consolidate and optimize technology specialization at scale.
  • Expand and deepen UIT shared processes in support of improved organizational alignment and consistency.
  • Demonstrate transparency by providing full visibility into service metrics, project activity, and governance outcomes.
  • Advance a vendor management and preferred partner strategy that establishes regular balanced scorecard reviews of vendors.
  • Deploy and adhere to industry-leading technology and support frameworks that have been appropriately adapted to Stanford’s needs.
  • Be intentional when deciding which technologies are best centralized versus distributed.
  • Advance university-wide data governance best practices that enable community input while providing transparency and accountability.
  • Design, deploy, and evangelize business continuity approaches that meaningfully balance cost and risk mitigation.