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Innovate with Purpose

UIT will drive a results-oriented culture of innovation that is built upon the demonstrated credibility of our high-performing infrastructure and best-in-class service provision.

Our organization will:

  • Enable our campus partners to innovate within their own domains by seamlessly and strategically providing access to technology, knowledge, data, and support services.
  • Execute upon a research computing strategy that provides a flexible full-stack approach to high performance computing, is tailored to researchers’ needs, and benefits from UIT’s extensive enterprise capabilities.
  • Innovate from within by understanding the needs of our clients and targeting specific innovation opportunities to further their goals and improve their user experience.
  • Intentionally benefit from who we are and where we are by leveraging innovations and partnerships from across Stanford and Silicon Valley.
  • Develop an approach to demand management that allows for capacity to be allocated to focused innovation initiatives.
  • Establish an internal seed innovation funding program to explore and establish new service offerings.