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Invest in Extraordinary People

UIT fulfills our mission by recruiting and developing amazing people. Enabling UIT staff to do their best work is also the best way to ensure high levels of morale and high levels of service to our community.

We will:

  • Leverage UIT’s cultural strengths and intellectual ambition to foster an environment that attracts and retains world-class staff.
  • Offer industry-leading talent development programs that benefit UIT and the broader Stanford IT community.
  • Continually affirm that diversity of perspective, experience, and thought results in a better place to work and superior outcomes for our community.
  • Cultivate recruitment programs that lead to a diverse talent acquisition pipeline.
  • Be intentional about connecting Stanford’s academic, research, and healthcare mission within the workplace.
  • Promote career mobility by enabling career laddering opportunities across UIT and the broader Stanford IT community.
  • Nurture a culture that rewards entrepreneurship and innovation.