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Product description

Products Mathematica, Mathematica Online, Wolfram Alpha Pro, Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition
Vendor Wolfram Research
Description Mathematica is a highly sophisticated computational software package developed by Wolfram Research that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing.
Platform/Version Linux, Macintosh, and Windows: Version 13.x, 12x and below
Eligibility Stanford University faculty, staff and students for instruction and research on campus.  Excludes SLAC.
License Year 10/1/23 - 9/30/24
License request  Wolfram Site Info Page

Important Note:

  • Only Mathematica software is available in both single machine (desktop/laptop) and network license. 
  • There is no option to process a PROXY ORDER (order on behalf of someone else). The end users must request their own licenses.

To request for a single machine license:

  • Go to Wolfram Site Info Page
  • Enter your Stanford email
  • For Wolfram Mathematica, in the product box click the drop down for Download, and pick the platform option you need. For Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition, the Red Buttons for the cloud versions or click the drop down for desktop versions.   For WolframAlpha Pro, click the Red button
  • Use your Stanford credentials when prompted
  • Fill out forms multiple times for installations on multiple machines
  • Once you sign on using your Stanford email, you can access the software directly. There is no requirement to enter an activation key to activate the software.

To request for Mathematica network license:

  • Go to Wolfram Site Info Page
  • Enter your Stanford email. 
  • Click “Request network license” under Wolfram Mathematica
  • Sign in using Wolfram ID
  • You will see Wolfram Activation Key Request Form
  • Fill in all requested information and specify the number of controlling processed
  • Click Submit.  No option to choose a version
  • You will see a confirmation and email will be sent to your given email address
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Product support

Licensing information, click here.

Product details, click here.

FAQ's for troubleshooting:

The Wolfram website also has additional information:

Last modified October 9, 2023