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Product description

Product Maple
Vendor Maplesoft
Description A mathematical software package used principally for symbolic computation in algebra and calculus; performs algebraic operations on symbolic expressions, differentiates and integrates them as formulae, and solves many types of equations symbolically. Includes extensive graphical capabilities and a powerful interface.
Platform/Version Windows, Macintosh and Linux: Maple 2023

Stanford University faculty, staff and students in support of instruction and research. Faculty and staff home use is included. Student personal use is included. SLAC excluded.


License Year

3/16/22 - 8/31/24 (For Faculty/Staff Single User Institutional License)

9/1/22 - 8/31/23 (For Student Single User License)

3/16/22 - 8/31/24 (For Faculty/Staff Home Use License)

3/16/22 - 8/31/24 (For Institution Network License)

Ordering Software Licensing's web store

Product support

Limited technical support is available. Refer to Maplesoft self-help documentation or submit a software support request.

Last modified October 10, 2023