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Make the Switch: eduroam Replaces "Stanford Secure" Wireless Network

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Three steps to get connected to eduroam

Enjoy simple, secure connectivity from thousands of hotspots at educational institutions around the world.

Step 1: Select the eduroam network. Navigate to your settings and select eduroam from your device's list of available wireless networks. (If appropriate, delete or forget "Stanford Secure.")

Step 2: Authenticate for eduroam. For devices enrolled in Cardinal Key, eduroam connects automatically. Or authenticate with your user name in the format and your SUNet password.

Step 3: Accept the certificate: If prompted, accept the eduroam certificate. (This step applies only to those currently using eduroam.)

Stanford will say a final goodbye to its original encrypted wireless network, “Stanford Secure,” on March 22, 2021. 

  • If you currently use “Stanford Secure” and prefer to continue using an encrypted, authenticated wireless connection, switch to eduroam as soon as possible. 
  • This change will not impact the “Stanford” and “Stanford Visitor” networks. For more information about on-campus Wi-Fi, visit Wireless Networks and Services.

Start “eduroaming” at Stanford

To connect to eduroam, select eduroam from the list of available networks on your device. Then, delete or forget the “Stanford Secure” network.

With Cardinal Key, connecting to eduroam is automatic — you won’t need to enter a username or password. To take advantage of this seamless connectivity, you must use a Cardinal Key that was issued after Jan. 1, 2021, as these newer Cardinal Keys include the information necessary to connect to eduroam. The Cardinal Key website provides instructions for enrolling a macOS, iOS/iPadOS, or Windows device.

You can also authenticate to eduroam the old-fashioned way using your login as along with your SUNet password.

The benefits of eduroam

eduroam provides simple, secure connectivity from thousands of access points at universities worldwide. The eduroam network enables Stanford students, staff, and faculty who visit other participating educational institutions to connect to the internet securely using Cardinal Key or their Stanford login credentials.

Why is “Stanford Secure” being decommissioned?

Based on feedback from the Stanford community, University IT is consolidating wireless networks to simplify the user experience. 

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