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eduroam Wireless Access

Important information on how to connect Android 11 devices to eduroam

eduroam provides simple, secure connectivity from thousands of access points at universities worldwide. The eduroam network enables Stanford students, staff, and faculty who visit other participating educational institutions to connect to the internet securely using Cardinal Key or their Stanford login credentials. For more information on eduroam, visit

How to get online with eduroam

Connect from an on-campus location

  1. To connect to eduroam, select eduroam from the list of available networks on your device. Refer to How to Change Your Default Wireless Network for instructions.
  2. Authenticate to eduroam in one of two ways:
    • If you have Cardinal Key installed on your device, connecting to eduroam is automatic — you won’t need to enter a username or password.
      Note: You must use a Cardinal Key that was issued after Jan. 1, 2021, as these newer Cardinal Keys include the information necessary to connect to eduroam. 
    • You can also authenticate to eduroam using your login as along with your SUNet password.

Connect from an off-campus location

  1. Accept the
  2. If prompted, authenticate to eduroam via Cardinal Key or using your login as along with your SUNet password.

How to enroll your device in Cardinal Key

Visit the Cardinal Key website for instructions on how to download and install a Cardinal Key.

eduroam FAQS

Will I need to use a VPN to access Stanford resources using eduroam if I’m visiting another institution?
If you use VPN to access Stanford resources from off-campus locations, you will also need to use a VPN to access the resource using eduroam at other institutions.
I’m having trouble connecting to eduroam. What should I do?
eduroam wireless network uses a security certificate to help authenticate the connection.  This certificate may need to be updated when server security is upgraded.  Please follow the appropriate instructions in knowledge article (KB00018408):  How to Update eduroam Security Certificate. If you still have issues, submit a Help request.
Why am I having trouble connecting to eduroam with my Android 11 device?
The new Android 11 update changes the way your device connects to trusted networks like eduroam. You can reconnect your Android device to eduroam by following these steps.

Learn more about eduroam

Last modified October 4, 2023