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Collaborate More Easily with Over 40 Upgraded AV Rooms

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

It’s getting easier to find a conference room equipped with audiovisual (AV) equipment on campus, thanks to the work of the University IT (UIT) Campus AV Project team. In the first year of the three-year project, the team installed 47 AV systems in conference rooms across the historic campus. Most of the conference rooms are available for reservation.

By the end of the project, launched in 2018, the team will have installed 140 AV systems. This will increase the total AV-equipped conference rooms from 100 to 240, equipping almost one-third of all the conference rooms across the historic campus by the summer of 2021. Upgrades are prioritized by the representative from each school/VP unit based on their interaction with colleagues on the Stanford Redwood City campus, the number of rooms that are not AV-enabled, and their specific business needs. 

The project makes it easier for you to work with colleagues in an increasingly distributed workforce. Access to more AV-equipped rooms simplifies collaboration between staff at the historic campus and staff who work at the Stanford Redwood City campus, in satellite worksites across the Bay Area, or remotely.

AV rooms add value

Check out these facts to see how the project can add value to your work experience:

  • All rooms have similar equipment. Upgraded rooms include a display, a camera, one or more microphones, and a control panel. This helps ensure a consistent AV experience between the rooms, enabling you to learn the AV system once and then apply your knowledge from room to room. To learn how to use the equipment, see the video conferencing instructions on the UIT website.
  • Rooms are distributed across the historic campus. Wherever you work on campus, there will likely be an AV-equipped room near you. Upgraded rooms are listed online, and this list will continue to grow over the next two years.
  • Rooms are open to all staff. Most rooms can be reserved by any staff member and accommodate seven or more people. In addition to the existing AV-equipped rooms in your department, you now have the option to reserve AV-equipped conference rooms across campus.  To reserve a room, email the conference room owner shown on the list of available rooms.
  • Online resources can help you improve your video conferences. Video conferencing best practices, meeting etiquette tips, instructions, and other information is available in the Resources tab of UIT’s Video Conferencing website.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the AV-equipped rooms, please submit a Help ticket to the UIT AV team or email Mellani Miller, UIT Video Services Manager.

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