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Client Experiences

Professor Smith invites her students to watch her lectures live or “chunked” on the web. She conducts the course remotely, with students participating from China and Germany, as well as on the Stanford campus. Her students access course materials from their phones and tablet computers, at any time of day.

Researchers at different institutions use the latest collaboration tools to further their scientific research. They are able to run and analyze simulations remotely, with all collaborators able to access results through shared resources, regardless of geographical location.

Faculty, TAs, students, medical and admin support staff are able to access IT help 24 hours a day, with chat functionality. There are even social media-enabled help forums for the Stanford community.

Although a regional disaster disrupts business as usual in most of Northern California, the Stanford community’s access to core applications and services remains available. At Stanford Medicine, doctors and nurses are able to continue surgeries and patient care without interruption.

What you will be able to expect from IT Services

  • Access anywhere from any device at any time, with a tailored experience based on your Stanford identity
  • Access 24x7x365 to services, solutions, and support
  • Secure access to the applications and data you need from your Stanford-managed device
  • Secure, integrated access to the best technology, in the cloud and/or at Stanford
  • Consistent data protection and security, in the cloud and/or at Stanford
  • Rapid delivery of solutions that meet the broadest campus need while providing the best value
  • All applications and services work on your mobile devices
  • Integrated support for the communication and collaboration needs of Stanford’s academic and medical communities
  • Seamless transition between local computing resources and elastic cloud-based resources
  • Shareable computing resources to meet growing research computing demand, across campus and the global research community
  • Additional channels for end-user support available whenever you need that support
  • Expanded business continuity and disaster recovery