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Registration Information

Registering with STAP Funds

University staff who are regular or fixed term employees are eligible for the Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP). To learn who is eligible to participate in this program and what types of training the program covers, visit Eligibility and Coverage.

To enroll in University IT courses online (using STAP funds) in STARS:

  1. Log in to the Axess Portal.
  2. Click the STARS (Training) tab at the top of the page.
  3. In Search Catalog, enter the course number (e.g., ITS-1234) or class title.
  4. Click Continue to see more information about the class.
  5. Click Enroll to register.

For help using STARS, click the Help for Learners link along the left side of the page, under Menu.

Registering with PTA or Cost Center Number

If you are paying course fees using any combination of department PTA or Cost Center number, please visit the online registration form. Currently, Stanford Healthcare users need a SUNetID to register for classes. To learn more, visit the Request a SUNetID page.


You should receive enrollment confirmation via email soon after you enroll. If you do not receive confirmation prior to class, submit a Help ticket.

Course Drop Policy

You can drop a Technology Training class up to 11:59 p.m. (PST) of the day prior to the start of the class. We will charge you a $40 drop fee, without exception, but refund you the remaining fee for the class. To avoid the $40 drop fee, you should only register for Technology Training classes you are confident you can attend.

We will deduct the $40 drop fee from the account(s) you used to enroll in the class, including Stanford Training Assistance Program (STAP) or a department account (PTA). If you use STAP and a PTA number to pay for the class, we will first deduct from STAP. We will deduct from a PTA if you have insufficient funds in STAP or you only used the department PTA to cover the class fee. We will refund the remaining balance of the course fee to the accounts billed.

If you do not drop the class and do not attend, we will charge you the entire course fee.

To drop a class using the online registration program (STARS), log into Axess, click the "Training (STARS)" tab, go to the “My Learning” link, and find the class you wish to drop.

Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled by the training provider. Should this occur, you will be notified and the fee will be refunded.

Have questions? Submit a help ticket.


Access to Technology Training facilities is Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant. Please submit a Help ticket in advance of the class with questions or requests.

Last modified October 17, 2017