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Techie Festival Raffle

Raffle Details

Join us in one of our many Technology Training sessions, enjoy learning, and gain a chance to win one of our wonderful Festival prizes.

Every time you attend a Technology Training session in June, July, or August, you will be awarded a raffle ticket for that month's raffle.

The more tickets you have, the greater the chance of winning!

• Monthly Prize Winner 
June - Apple Watch (Series 8), July - VR headset (Meta Quest 2), August - Apple iPad (10th gen.)

(1 winner every month during Techie Festival)

• Gift Card prize Winner 
$50 Amazon Cards

(5 winners every month during Techie Festival)


When is the 2023 Techie Festival? - June 1 to August 31.

Am I Eligible? - If you attend a Technology Training class during June, July, and August, you will receive one raffle ticket per class.  You will automatically enter the raffle for that month.

When are prizes awarded? - Technology Training will host a live raffle event on Zoom for each month. All eligible awardees will be invited to attend. Attendance is not required to win the prizes.

How do I enroll in a class? - All Technology Training classes are STAP funds eligible, and Healthcare Education Assistance eligible. If you have questions about alternative payment methods (PTA, Cost Center number, or credit card ), please email 

I have attended a Custom Training Session, am I eligible? - Yes! Everyone who attends a Technology Training class during June, July, and August will be eligible for that month's raffle.

Need help/Contact Tech Training? - Submit your inquiry by email or submit a help ticket here.


June Techie Festival Raffle Winners

Apple Watch Winner: Rachael Madison

Gift Card Prize Winners: Ritva Garlick, Michael Kahan, Merisa Kline, Clare Swan, Marcos Baluyut.

July Techie Festival Raffle Winners

VR Headset Winner: Amy White

Gift Card Prize Winners: Rowel Padilla, Anthony Ruth, Tong Ou, Robin Tran, Trina Glidden.

August Techie Festival Raffle Winners

Apple iPad Winner: Victoria Moreno

Gift Card Prize Winners: Yvonne Concepcion, Wenchuan Liang, Perteek Gill Mohar, Michael Mcconnell, Chia-Huan Ho