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Use Agile to Manage Your Life (Skill Booster)

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  • Tue Aug 11, 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Live Online $110

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Class Description

Agile is not only a software development process, it is also a mindset. In this workshop, you will learn how to use features of Agile to improve your work and daily life.


You may have heard that software companies have been using the Agile software process to deliver software products that meet customers' rapidly changing requirements.


The Agile strategies - iterative processes, continuous improvement, empowerment, and collaboration - not only help software companies to achieve their goals, they can also help us manage our lives. No matter if you are already using the Agile process or not, in this workshop, you will learn how to apply these strategies to develop your Agile mindset and improve your life.


Key takeaways from this workshop:

  • What is the Agile mindset?
  • How to use the Agile mindset to plan an event?
  • How to use the Agile mindset to manage your personal life?
  • How to use the Agile mindset to manage your family life?



  • Help you understand Agile process
  • Empower you to embrace life's changes
  • Provide a framework to continuously improve your life
  • Become a better communicator


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