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Smartsheet Essentials: Collaborate and Manage Spreadsheets and Projects

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  • Wed Oct 3, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Class Description

Share your work! Imagine having all notes, discussions, and files in one centralized location accessible across any browser. Learn to use Smartsheet, a project management tool, to streamline communication, empower teams, and drive efficiencies.
We will use Smartsheet to:

- Create spreadsheets and formulas
- Share sheets with colleagues, giving them the ability to edit or only view
- Share attachments, discussions and comments
- Send reminders for colleagues to update or confirm information
- Use sorts and filters
- Run reports to find and highlight just the data you need
- Call out key cells that meet specific criteria with Conditional Formatting
- Understand workspaces
- Learn the fundamentals of Project Management to use Smartsheet's management tools to build Gantt charts and project calendars easily

The class begins with creating a spreadsheet from scratch, and looking through Smartsheet's built-in templates. Add formulas and advanced functions, and sort and filter tables of data. Organize sheets and give sharing permissions to specific colleagues. We'll set up reminders and alerts, so you know whenever anyone changes all or part of sheets you work on. Attach files to an entire sheet or to a relevant row, and send an update request so your colleagues know exactly what you expect them to modify.

Using the sheets we build, we'll then go through the fundamentals of Project Management, including how to organize a project and set up dependencies and milestones. Use the Gantt and Calendar views to track and manage your projects.

Students should have a basic knowledge of Excel and working in a web browser, and an active Smartsheet account (free 30-day trial account is also acceptable)