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Moving From Box To Google Drive

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Effective immediately in response to COVID-19, most Technology Training classes will be delivered online until further notice.

In advance of any live online session, Tech Training will provide you with a Zoom link to your class, along with any required class materials.


Are you moving from Box to Google Drive? This class covers what you need to know when making the transition, including the differences between the two tools when it comes to creating and sharing, and an overview of the features of Google Drive.
Class objectives:

  1. Discuss the differences between Box and Google Drive
  2. Identify tools and tips for moving files and folders from Box to Google Drive
  3. Best practices for sharing and organizing data in Google Drive

Topics covered include:

Box vs. Google Drive

  • Primary differences
  • Tips for moving and organizing data with Box Drive and Google Drive for Desktop

Google Drive Basics

  • Methods of access
  • Basic Operations (Upload, Create, Search)
  • Priority (quick file access)
  • Shared With Me / Recents
  • Managing data

Shared Drives

  • Roles in a Shared Drive
  • Difference from MyDrive
  • Collaboration best practices (Workgroups vs. individuals)

Effective Organization

  • File naming
  • Best practices or guiding principles



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