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Design Thinking to Focus, Collaborate, and Play!

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Class Description

Learn to deploy a design thinking approach to solve one of today's most serious workplace challenges: Constant interruptions. Learn to think creatively and work collaboratively to solve significant problems and leverage unique opportunities of all kinds.




With today's information overload and constant interruptions, staying focused has become an immense challenge along with, balancing between focused and collaborative work and staying invigorated and motivated. 

This is a hands­ on workshop that includes an in­ depth exposure to design thinking and how to use it to design a product, a mobile app, and/or an add-­on to e-­mail.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the key aspects of design thinking including working with your stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions together.
  • Get insights into the challenges related to workplace interruptions and solutions to address them.


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