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Demystify Outlook Mail and Calendar (PC)

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  • Thu Jan 11, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Class Description

Discover the true power of Microsoft Outlook. Boost your productivity when managing your time and email with this popular tool. Learn tips and tricks of Outlook scheduling and communication work flow.

Note: This is a beginner class to learn about best uses of Outlook mail and calendar.

If you need to use Outlook email and calendar, chances are that you spend an incredible amount of time on it. That's why even a small improvement in productivity can yield amazing long-term results. Imagine if you could increase your productivity and save, lets say, 30 minutes a day from your outlook tasks. With 52 weeks a year and 5 working days a week, it would translate into 130 hours of free time every year. And that's exactly why it's worth to take time to learn it.

In this course, you'll focus on Outlook mail and calendar. You'll be introduced to features, functions and the best practices of managing email and schedules.

No experience necessary. We'll start from scratch and quickly move to the next level.

Join this class to learn Microsoft Outlook, to discover it's true power, and to improve your every-day productivity.

Among the topics covered in this course are:

Getting comfortable with Outlook's workspace
- The Ribbon
- Commands
- Applications
- Windows
- Items
- Forms

Managing email
- Creating
- Responding
- Forwarding
- Addressing
- Setting options
- Sending
- Filtering
- Sorting
- Using Rules
- Formatting

Managing the Calendar
- Creating calendar items
- Appointments
- Setting up meetings
- Invitations
- Replies
- Options
- Scheduling and rescheduling

Working between Email, Calendar and Address Book.

Outlook productivity tips and tricks