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Advanced ChatGPT & Generative AI Concepts

Class Sessions

Date Delivery Method Cost
  • Wed Apr 10, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Live Online - 1 session $300

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Class Description

Most Technology Training classes will be delivered online until further notice.

Before each sesson, Tech Training will provide a Zoom link for live online classes, along with any required class materials.


This course is for professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of Chat GPT and its applications. Learn advanced prompting techniques, data analysis, and explore GPT's full landscape of tools, including Graphic, Music, Voice, and Video related tools.


  •  You should have a ChatGPT account from OpenAI. In order to be able to complete all of the features for this course, you're highly encouraged to get a paid subscription to ChatGPT.
  •  Optionally Download a copy of the Edge Browser. Some of the new features in ChatGPT 4 are available through the Edge browser.
  •  Optionally get an account for MidJourney and the Discord App to experience advanced Graphic Generation. Descript if you want to try some editing.
  •  A Google Docs account or other notebook application, so you store documents for your prompts.

Learning Objectives:

  •  Learn what's possible once you understand the underpinning of Generative AI and GPT.
  •  Understand how the landscape of Generative AI is rapidly changing, what's possible now, soon and in the future.
  •  Gain proficiency with advanced prompting for text, images and how to use Chat GPT for data analysis, research and more.
  •  Explore some of the advanced AI tools and techniques for GPT uses like Music Generation, Voice and video editing.

Topics Include:


  •  Chat GPT for Professionals
  •  Using GPT to Create a LiveStream
  •  Chat GPT with Browsing
  •  What's coming soon with Chat GPT
  •  Office Products and Apps getting GPT

Milestone 1: Create a Schedule for an Event

Advanced GPT Topics:

  •  Chat GPT Model Versions/Flavors
  •  Pro Prompting with the Chat GPT Playground
  •  Using Plugins with Chat GPT
  •  Prompting for Images with Chat GPT
  •  Issues/Opportunities with Open Source GPT

Milestone 2: Creating Promotional Materials with Chat GPT

Advanced GPT in Practice:

  •  Researching with Chat GPT
  •  Data Analysis with Chat GPT
  •  Working with External Applications
  •  Programming with Chat GPT
  •  Socratic and other Chat GPT Modes
  •  Advanced Image Generation with MidJourney
  •  AI Yourself with MidJourney

Milestone 3: Building Polls & Interview Rundown Sheets

Other GPT Platforms and Uses:

  •  Google Bard versus Amazon versus Chat GPT
  •  Hugging Face Options
  •  GPT Music
  •  GPT Voice
  •  Video Editing, transcribing and analysis with  Descript
  •  Discussions and Closing

Milestone 4: Create Podcast Notes/Newsletter with Chat GPT

University IT Technology Training sessions are available to a wide range of participants, including Stanford University staff, faculty, students, and employees of Stanford Hospitals & Clinics, such as Stanford Health Care, Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley, Stanford Medicine Partners, and Stanford Medicine Children's Health.

Additionally, some of these programs are open to interested individuals not affiliated with Stanford, allowing for broader community engagement and learning opportunities.