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Advanced ChatGPT & Generative AI Concepts

Class Code Date Delivery Method Cost
  • Thu Jul 18, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Live Online - 1 session $300
  • Tue Aug 20, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Live Online - 1 session $300
Program Description

This course is for professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of Chat GPT and its applications. Learn advanced prompting techniques, data analysis, and explore GPT's full landscape of tools, including Graphic, Music, Voice, and Video related tools.

Learning Objectives
  •  Learn what's possible once you understand the underpinning of Generative AI and GPT.
  •  Understand how the landscape of Generative AI is rapidly changing, what's possible now, soon and in the future.
  •  Gain proficiency with advanced prompting for text, images and how to use Chat GPT for data analysis, research and more.
  •  Explore some of the advanced AI tools and techniques for GPT uses like Music Generation, Voice and video editing.
Topic Outline


  •  Chat GPT for Professionals
  •  Using GPT to Create a LiveStream
  •  Chat GPT with Browsing
  •  What's coming soon with Chat GPT
  •  Office Products and Apps getting GPT

Milestone 1: Create a Schedule for an Event

Advanced GPT Topics:

  •  Chat GPT Model Versions/Flavors
  •  Pro Prompting with the Chat GPT Playground
  •  Using Plugins with Chat GPT
  •  Prompting for Images with Chat GPT
  •  Issues/Opportunities with Open Source GPT

Milestone 2: Creating Promotional Materials with Chat GPT

Advanced GPT in Practice:

  •  Researching with Chat GPT
  •  Data Analysis with Chat GPT
  •  Working with External Applications
  •  Programming with Chat GPT
  •  Socratic and other Chat GPT Modes
  •  Advanced Image Generation with MidJourney
  •  AI Yourself with MidJourney

Milestone 3: Building Polls & Interview Rundown Sheets

Other GPT Platforms and Uses:

  •  Google Bard versus Amazon versus Chat GPT
  •  Hugging Face Options
  •  GPT Music
  •  GPT Voice
  •  Video Editing, transcribing and analysis with  Descript
  •  Discussions and Closing

Milestone 4: Create Podcast Notes/Newsletter with Chat GPT

  •  You should have a ChatGPT account from OpenAI. In order to be able to complete all of the features for this course, you're highly encouraged to get a paid subscription to ChatGPT.
  •  Optionally Download a copy of the Edge Browser. Some of the new features in ChatGPT 4 are available through the Edge browser.
  •  Optionally get an account for MidJourney and the Discord App to experience advanced Graphic Generation. Descript if you want to try some editing.
  •  A Google Docs account or other notebook application, so you store documents for your prompts.
Ray Villalobos

Ray Villalobos is an AI and Full-stack Development teacher and trainer. He works as a Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning where he's author more than 120 courses. He's also a public speaker who has appeared in conferences like GitHub Universe, OReilly's Fluent and others.

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