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On-campus Certified Agile Training

Agile is a project management methodology that promotes rapid delivery of high quality outputs and a business approach to align customer needs with organizational goals.

Originally stemming from manufacturing and software development disciplines, it is gaining favor with any project endeavor that requires ongoing reviews, adaptations, teamwork, and accountability to achieve high quality deliverables.

University IT Technology Training is excited to have Agile expert Chris Sims teach the below certified class here at Stanford.

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Upcoming Agile Training:

Agile: Certified Scrum Master -- June 28 and June 29, 2018

Agile: Certified Scrum Master - June 28 & 29, 2018 - $1175

Enroll using a combination of your STAP funds and/or Departmental PTA

In this experiential workshop, you will learn scrum by doing scrum. You will become familiar with the principles and practices of scrum. You will build skills needed to be a member of a high performing, continuously improving, self-organizing scrum team.

This two-day workshop leads to certification as a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance. The workshop pricing includes the associated certification fees for each attendee, as well as a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance.

Following the workshop, attendees will need to take an openbook online exam on the Scrum Alliance website to complete their certification.

The specific initial agenda for the workshop will be arrived at by agreement between your organization and Agile Learning Labs. Over the course of the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to influence the addition of elective topics in order to maximize the value created in the workshop. Attendees will take part in experiential exercises and simulations designed to teach:

  • The power of self-organization
  • Estimation and story sizing techniques
  • Sprint planning
  • Release planning
  • Using retrospectives to continuously improve
  • How to conduct brief and effective stand-ups
  • How to maximize business value delivered
  • Roles and responsibilities on a scrum team
  • Scrum master and product owner roles
  • The product backlog: user stories, prioritization, and backlog grooming
  • Creating and applying a 'definition of done'
  • Working with agile requirements, specifications, and documentation
  • Agile metrics and tracking tools such as task boards and burn charts

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have experienced the key roles, responsibilities, interactions, tools, and processes of scrum. The workshop itself is delivered as a series of sprints, naturally reinforcing the scrum concepts being taught.

Note that for a participant to be eligible for certification by the Scrum Alliance, the participant must attend both days of the workshop in their entirety.

Instructor: Chris Sims, Agile Learning Labs


Chris Sims is a certified scrum trainer, agile coach, and recovering C++ developer who helps organizations improve their productivity and happiness. Chris is the founder of Agile Learning Labs and the co-author of two best-selling scrum books: The Elements of Scrum and Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction. He has published over 50 articles on agile topics at InfoQ, and even more of his writing can be found on the Agile Learning Labs blog. Before starting Agile Learning Labs, Chris made a living in roles such as: scrum master, product owner, engineering manager, project manager, software engineer, musician, and auto mechanic.

Chris is renowned for his expertise and delivery of Agile training.
In fact, a few of our colleagues who have attended his classes shared these comments:

— "Chris is the bomb!"

— "Exceeded expectations!"

— "Great enthusiasm - kept us engaged over two days."

— "I really enjoyed how flexible and loose the overall structure felt, and yet we managed to stay on track and were highly productive."

— "Chris Sims is an amazing teacher, setting the bar for Scrum training extremely high. If you ever get a chance to get credentialed under Chris Sims, DO IT."

Last modified June 13, 2018