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Organizing Data

File Storage data organization

File Storage data (directory) organization is a matter of personal preference, depending on what works best for you and your department.

Group option

Create multiple directories in the storage area, one for each member of the group and another for common documents. When creating directories for users in a department, please note the following:

  • Everyone in the workgroup will have access to all the directories. The Group Option purpose is not to maintain confidentiality, but to separate common documents.
  • The quota is counted against total usage for all the staff in the department, not for individual users.

If there is a need for individual quota and confidentiality, then the Individual Option may be more attractive.

Individual option

User creates multiple directories for different purposes within their individual storage area. Provides both individual quota and confidentiality of information. Others in the department will not have access to this personal storage area.

Last modified October 13, 2014