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How do I change my SUNet ID?

Strictly speaking, you can't do this. You can, however, create an alias for your SUNet ID, and use the alias as your public email and web address — that way, nobody will see your SUNet ID except you (you'll continue to use it as your login ID).

To do this from StanfordYou:

  1. Log into StanfordYou.
  2. Click Change settings for account to go to the Accounts page.
  3. Click the Email tab and then click Manage aliases. 
  4. Enter an alias and click Save.

If you have a compelling reason to change your SUNet ID, you can submit a Help ticket explaining the situation. Requests for change are granted infrequently because changing a SUNet ID is a lengthy and complex process involving many people and systems.

Last modified March 17, 2017