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Faculty Residential Internet Service


Reminder: Please note that no matter when you place your order or start your service, we will not begin charging you for Stanford-provided internet service until April 1, 2020. Ordering information can be found below.
For the communities of San Juan 1, San Juan 2 (including Hillsite), and San Juan 3 (including Foothills); Pine Hill I and Pine Hill 2; Frenchman’s Hill; Pearce Mitchell; Peter Coutts Circle; Ryan Court, and Olmsted Terrace

Google Fiber internet and cable services to end

Google Fiber introduced free internet and fee-based cable TV services to faculty residential areas via a pilot program to explore the best way to expand internet connectivity in communities. Google Fiber recently informed the university that the pilot program, which launched in 2011, is nearing its final phase. With that, Google Fiber free test internet accounts and paid TV services (including DVR recordings) will no longer be available on the Stanford University campus after March 15, 2020.

Service options

Internet-only service available
Stanford University IT is offering internet-only service to residents in the communities currently served by Google Fiber. Residents have the option to purchase Stanford-provided high-speed, 1-gigabit internet service at the existing rates. 
TV service options
Stanford will not offer television service to the residents in the communities currently served by Google Fiber. Residents who want television service have the option to:
  • Work with local providers, such as Comcast and AT&T, to purchase a traditional TV or cable package.
  • Subscribe to a live TV streaming service.  A streaming service functions similar to traditional TV but delivers content (movies, TV shows, sports, local news) using the internet. 

Get started

To order Stanford internet service to replace your current Google service, please complete the New Faculty Residential Service Request or use the "Add new internet service" button on this page. UIT will email additional details to residents.


Service Monthly Cost
Internet-only $59.75

Note: The residential gateway supplied by UIT provides internet service up to 1 Gbps through a wired Ethernet connection. This service does not allow you to host servers on your home network (i.e., no inbound connections initiated from the internet). Provided wifi service allows for a maximum of 16 concurrent connections.


Be sure to request a SERVICE DISCONNECT using the “Cancel existing internet service” button on this page when you move out of your residence or if you no longer need service. If you do not request the disconnection of services, you will be responsible for any accrued balance due.

Get help

  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • For billing and other service questions, contact University IT at (650) 725-HELP (select option 4), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. or submit a Help request.
  • After hours and holiday trouble calls are answered around the clock. System-wide problems (problems simultaneously affecting several customers) are immediately dispatched to on-call repair technicians; individual user problems are handled remotely whenever possible. When a technician visit to a residence is required, appointments are typically made for the next business day.


Last modified February 5, 2020