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Stanford Device Registration

Register your macOS, Windows, or Linux device for Stanford

This exciting new app experience is now available. Want to learn more? Check out the IT Community article Unlock Efficiency and Ease with Stanford Device Registration.

A modern registration solution

The Stanford Device Registration (SDR) app merges several of our go-to tools into a single, user-friendly interface — greatly simplifying how we bring Mac, Windows, and Linux devices into compliance at Stanford. By gathering information about a device and its use at Stanford, the SDR app helps you set up a new device or ensure compliance for an existing device with the fewest steps possible. University requirements for your affiliation and the type of data you access determine the process, so you get precisely the level of protection you need for your role.

Very Lightweight Reporting Engine (VLRE) will now be offered as part of Stanford Device Registration but will otherwise remain unchanged.


Below is a list of common questions about the Stanford Device Registration (SDR) app.

Does the SDR app replace Stanford Whole Disk Encryption (SWDE), Device Enrollment, and the Stanford Network Registration Tool (SNRT)?
Yes, the Stanford Device Registration app replaces these applications (SWDE, Device Enrollment, and SNRT) by combining their functionality into one application. The existing legacy standalone service pages will be archived after Stanford Device Registration goes live. During the transition period, should you inadvertently land on a legacy standalone service page, you’ll find a link to navigate you to the new information on the updated service page.
Does this replace Very Lightweight Reporting Engine (VLRE)?
The VLRE codebase has not changed and is packaged as part of Stanford Device Registration.
Will the legacy services remain available after the Stanford Device Registration app launches?

We anticipate a transition period where the legacy software will continue to exist after the app is released. However, the long-term plan is to sunset the Stanford Whole Disk Encryption (SWDE), Stanford Network Registration Tool (SNRT), and Device Enrollment services.

Should I use this app to gain access to the university's Wi-Fi networks?
While registering for access to the Stanford network, the SDR app will help you make your device compliant for use with the Stanford network.
If I'm just visiting Stanford University, do I still need to install this app?

To understand the types of wireless access available and the requirements for each, you should review Wireless Access for Stanford Visitors.

Should I uninstall the app once I'm done?
 The SDR app will clean itself up once complete, so there's no need to uninstall it.
Does this app install any software?
 If Stanford’s computer security mandate covers you, the Stanford Device Registration app will install management software on your device.
I have a question about the Stanford Device Registration app.  Who should I contact?
If you have a question about the app, please submit a Help request.
I would like to review the code for Stanford Devie Registration (SDR).
To access the codebase please submit a Help request.

Resources and support

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