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About the Transition from Certain to Cvent

Stanford University IT (UIT) has partnered with events management platform Cvent to offer a flexible, modern events management solution at Stanford.

Cvent is being provided as the recommended solution to replace Certain, which was retired on Oct. 25, 2023, when the Certain contract with Stanford ended. 

The UIT Cvent project team is currently working to support this transition in partnership with the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) within Financial Management Services (FMS) .

Once Certain users are successfully transitioned, the Cvent service will be available for onboarding to the rest of the Stanford community.

What to do if you’re affected

Only current users of Certain are affected by the contract end date on Oct. 25, 2023.

After Oct. 25, 2023, all access to Certain is unavailable.  

  • If you used Certain for payments only and have not contacted OOT: Contact OOT immediately.

  • If you were a Certain user with events needing to be transitioned in 2023 or early 2024: Our Cvent project team should already be connected with you on your specific needs and you should already have completed or started the onboarding process, including the required trainings. If you have not been contacted yet, please reach out.

  • If you were a Certain user but do not need support to set up with Cvent until later in 2024: Our Cvent project team should already be connected with you on your event needs. If you have not been contacted yet, please reach out. Even if you will not be setting up your account with Cvent until 2024, you can begin the prerequisite training steps.

Key email messages for Certain users

If you're affected by this change, you should have been already receiving emails from the UIT Cvent project team, to understand your needs.

In case you did not see these messages, you can view them here:

Additional email messages have been sent to specific groups, based on where they are in the onboarding process.

Timeline overview

  • April–June 2023: Preparation began for Cvent setup to be ready to onboard Certain users.
  • July 2023: Early adopters among Certain users began to onboard to Cvent.
  • October 2023: Certain's contract ends on Oct. 25, 2023.
  • Late 2023: Additional transition support will be provided for Certain users with urgent setup needs.
  • Early 2024: The event planning community can begin to onboard to Cvent.

Articles and announcements

Last modified October 27, 2023