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Cardinal Fax

A simple and secure email faxing service

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View proposed FY25 rate changes.

Cardinal Fax is a  faxing service that allows you to create, send and receive faxes directly from your Microsoft 365 inbox.


  • Fax directly from your email client without any additional setup or configuration
  • Send and receive faxes that are approved for high risk data
  • Receive faxes even when your workstation is turned off
  • Reduce worry about lost faxes due to paper outages or paper jams that might occur with an analog fax machine
  • Receive faxes via your Cardinal Fax account or designated email account for increased privacy
  • Reduce paper use with electronic faxes
  • Securely print your faxes if your department participates in the Cardinal Print program

Designed for

Staff and faculty.


  • Users need an active or fully sponsored SUNet email address administered through Microsoft 365 email (Gmail SUNet inbox will not work).
  • If you need to send faxes using an email address, please submit a request here.

Individual accounts

An individual Cardinal Fax account is associated with a faculty or staff SUNet ID. If the individual moves from one campus department to another, their individually assigned Cardinal Fax account and number will move with them. Existing fax numbers can also be transitioned over to Cardinal Fax.

Group accounts

A group account is associated with a campus department's shared email account. A shared inbox should be created before a group Cardinal Fax account is requested. It is the responsibility of the department to self-manage the list of users who have access to the shared inbox.

Data security

With Cardinal Fax, sending and receiving faxes from an email account is approved for both High Risk: Non-PHI and High Risk: PHI data, as defined in the Stanford Risk Classification Guidelines.

Cardinal Fax is NOT Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and should not be used to send or receive debit/credit card numbers. If you work with PCI data and are moving to Redwood City, please contact us to request or move analog lines and encrypted phones.


Cardinal Fax is part of Converged Communication services. There are no one-time charges to provision a new Cardinal Fax line or to transition an existing analog fax line to Cardinal Fax. Ongoing charges will be associated with Converged Communication for the directory number assigned to the account.

Get started

To send an outbound fax directly from your email, please follow these instructions.

To receive inbound faxes directly to your email account please work with your departmental contact   to place your request in ServiceNow under the New Telephone Number order form.

To move an inbound fax line, please work with your departmental contact to place your request in ServiceNow.

1. Visit the Telephone for Faculty and Staff (SU) and Telephone for Hospitals (SHC and SCH) service        pages.
2. At the top of the service page, click the Add Service button to request a new service or the Change      or Cancel Service button to request a modification to an existing service.
3. Log in with your SUNet ID and password (if prompted).
4. Complete the form and click the submit button when ready to submit your request.

Information required to provision or move personal fax lines:

  • The existing personal fax number
  • User SUNet ID

Information required to provision or move group/department fax lines:

Please order an analog fax line if you have PCI compliance requirements. 

Get help

Submit a help ticket.

Learn more

How to send a fax with Cardinal Fax.

How to receive a fax with Cardinal Fax.

See also

Learn about the Cardinal Print managed print program.

Last modified June 25, 2024