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Box Desktop Integration

Box provides two desktop applications that give you the ability to access Box content from your desktop environment. Box Drive, the newest application, will eventually include most of Box Sync's functionality, but until then there are differences in the applications. Understanding these differences will help you determine which application is most suited to your needs.

Note: There are known issues with installing both Box Sync and Box Drive on the same machine. Uninstall Box Sync before installing Box Drive. To uninstall Box Sync, follow the instructions at Uninstalling Box Sync.

Box Sync

Box Sync allows you to choose specific files and folder to sync between Box and your desktop. You select which files to sync and those files are available from any desktop where you have installed and logged into Box Sync. With Box Sync, your synced files are available for you to access offline. The files are stored on your local machine, so you can open and edit them without being connected to the internet. Any changes you made to the files will be synced to Box the next time you connect.

Use Box Sync when you need:

  • To edit your files offline
  • To lock content for editing

To install and use Box Sync, follow the links below:

Box Drive

Box Drive brings your entire Box folder tree to your desktop. All of the files you have on Box are accessible from your desktop Box folder. Your content is streamed directly to your desktop, so you can access all of your files without using much hard drive space. Box Drive includes a search feature that allows you to search all of the files you have stored in Box. And, Box Drive is integrated into Windows Explorer and Mac Finder so you do not have to access a separate application to access your files.

Use Box Drive when you want:

  • Files to take less space on your hard drive
  • To use your desktop file system to access your files on Box
  • To reduce the risk of data loss by having your files stored in the cloud and not on your machine
  • To be able to search all of your Box files

To install and use Box Drive, follow the links below:

Feature Comparison

Feature Box Drive Box Sync
Search and view all content in your Box account (including read-only)  
Upload content to any Box folder/Open files from any Box folder  
Lock content for editing  
Mark content for offline access  
Create and retrieve a Shared link
Change the location of the Box folder on your computer  

Learn More

For more information about Box Sync and Box Drive, refer to the Box documentation:

Last modified June 30, 2017