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You Can’t Hangout — But You Can Google Chat

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Beginning Feb. 18, Google Chat will replace the classic Hangouts, a transition Google began last year in an effort to build out the Google Workspace experience.

After the change, you'll find the Chat icon in your Google apps menu.

Chat has many of the same features found in Hangouts, plus additional ones that enhance the messaging platform, including:

Who will this impact?

Hangout users. After this change, you will no longer have access to Hangouts, but you will find that your Hangouts conversations, contacts, and history will have been moved to Chat.

While Google Chat is currently not broadly available university-wide, this upgrade will allow anyone with a Stanford account ( to use the messaging app. However, please note that Chat support may be limited as it is not one of the university’s recommended collaboration tools.

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