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What Happens to the Stanford IT Services You Depend On When the Power Goes Out?

New University IT webpage provides resources and guidance in the event of an outage
Monday, October 19, 2020

Power outages of any duration can impact the entire Stanford community. Whether planned or unplanned, it is important that you know what to do and have the resources you need readily accessible.

You may recall hearing about the possibility of PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), rolling blackouts imposed by the California Independent System Operator (ISO), and local campus power outages due to electrical infrastructure failures across Stanford. To prepare for events like these, it’s important to understand how IT services you depend on at Stanford may be affected, the length of time certain devices can run on backup power, and what interim measures you can take while power is out.

What could happen during a power outage?

The new Power Outage Impact on IT Services webpage, developed by University IT (UIT), contains essential information detailing the effects these potential outages could have on the following IT-related services:

  • On-premises and cloud-based applications
  • Internet connectivity, including wired and wireless network access
  • VoIP, analog and mobile phones
  • Building access in buildings where IT infrastructure both is and is not on a generator
  • Video surveillance
  • Point-of-sale devices

The webpage also provides valuable guidance on how to proactively prepare for a power outage and how to recover once power is restored. 

Whether you’re a building manager, IT staff member, or any other member of our Stanford community, familiarizing yourself with these resources will better prepare you before, during, and after the next power outage.

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Find out more about UIT’s service delivery resources: 

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