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Join Cardinal Cloud AWS for New Discounts and Greater Flexibility

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

There’s a new cloud agreement in town — but there’s nothing cloudy about this deal. Get ready for bigger discounts, increased staff productivity, improved operational resilience and business agility. 

If you’re not already part of Cardinal Cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services), there’s never been a better time to join.

“This exciting new deal brings yet another Cardinal Cloud benefit for the campus community, and nearly all services are eligible,” says Noah Abrahamson, director of the Cardinal Cloud program. 

What’s the big deal? 

UIT’s Vendor Management, Hosting, and SU Procurement teams worked with Amazon Web Services to negotiate a new discount for Stanford’s use of AWS. Starting this month, if your account has been provisioned by UIT, you’ll automatically receive the new discounts.

Workgroups or individuals with standalone AWS accounts, or anyone who currently pays Amazon using a credit card, should consider joining the UIT-managed AWS agreement to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A sizable discount off the retail price of almost all services — automatically applied to your bill from UIT.
  • UIT will automatically process the refund for most or all of your data network egress charges.
  • You can use your organization’s PTA for automatic monthly billing by UIT instead of a department PCard or personal credit card. Note: any remaining credits from the AWS Free Tier will conclude once billing is handled centrally.
  • Improved terms and conditions, including account survivorship in case of department staffing disruptions.
  • Easier integration with campus infrastructure, including directory services that allow you to use your Stanford account and workgroup membership to manage access to the account and its resources.
  • Keep the university’s data more secure.

Joining Cardinal Cloud AWS will not disrupt your currently deployed cloud technologies, limit your efforts, reduce your level of access, or compromise your privacy.

For questions or help getting started, submit a Help request.

Additional options

Through the Cardinal Cloud program, UIT offers a number of cloud computing solutions centered on reducing cost and improving productivity for all Stanford cloud users. 

If you prefer to have a campus team build and support your cloud technologies, check out SRCC and TCG groups, or confer with your local IT support teams.

If AWS isn’t the right fit, check out similar offerings from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. As Cardinal Cloud extends, be on the lookout for continued deals to stretch your cloud dollar, including an updated agreement with Microsoft. 

Unsure about what kind of storage solution best suits your needs? Check out UIT’s Storage Recommendations tool to help you decide.

For questions or help getting started, submit a Help request.

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