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Cloud Account Management

Quickly request and create a cloud platform account

The Cloud Account Management service offers access to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services via simplified ordering and provisioning of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud account, as well as account and billing management.

Cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP support the Stanford computing  community through the delivery of online services including servers, storage, computing power, and content delivery. University IT (UIT) has established relationships with Amazon and Google in order to provide favorable terms and pricing for our clients.


Each cloud provider offers different services as part of their infrastructure platform accounts. By using the Stanford-provided ordering process to create an account with Amazon or a project with Google, you will be included in Stanford's enterprise agreements with Amazon Web Services and with Google Platform Services, which provides the following benefits:

  • Easy access: You can use your SUNet ID to access and log in to AWS or GCP
  • A more secure environment:
    • Stanford data security standards are built in from the beginning
    • Enterprise agreements provide improved security, privacy and audit protections
    • Enterprise agreements provide FERPA-specific protections
  • Data recovery: If an account is unintentionally terminated, you are guaranteed 30 days to retrieve data
  • Longer termination and change notification lead-time
  • Confidence that you are following and compliant with Stanford’s practices
  • Priority access to Cloud resources from UIT and providers
  • Free training opportunities offered by UIT
  • Participation in the AWS and Google Cloud Enterprise Agreements
  • Review the cloud provider information for details about what is available for you to purchase and use.

Designed for

AWS accounts are available to faculty, staff and students with a valid PTA.

GCP projects are available to faculty, staff and students with a valid PTA.

Azure Cloud Services are available to faculty, staff and students with a valid PTA.

Data security

AWS and GCP are suitable for Low, Moderate and High Risk Data and all AWS and GCP service offerings are available for use.

Stanford University has Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) in place for both AWS and GCP, enabling all Stanford users to use AWS for Protected Health Information (PHI). The BAA specifies improved terms and also covers requirements related to the use and disclosure of PHI, appropriate safeguards to protect PHI, individual rights, and administrative responsibilities.

AWS and GCP are authorized for use with High Risk Data and PHI ONLY when the AWS account or GCP project is in compliance with the Minimum Security Standards and any other regulatory requirements and a Data Risk Assessment is completed. By submitting a request for an AWS account or GCP project, you agree to adhere to the Minimum Security Standards for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Containerized Solutions and the Administrative Guide Section 6.3.1: Information Security.

If PHI data is used, a few AWS services cannot be used, but most AWS service offerings are available for PHI and most GCP service offerings are available for PHI under the respective Stanford BAAs.

Get started

To request an AWS or GCP account, please submit the appropriate Help request.

Learn more about how AWS and GCP are set up when you complete a request.

Get help


To request help, submit the appropriate Help ticket.


Learn more

Amazon Web Services:

Google Cloud Platform:

To learn more about Stanford’s Cloud Services, visit the Cardinal Cloud website.

For resources, tools, and information on working with cloud vendors, visit the Cloud Vendor Management website.

Last modified December 19, 2023