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Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage provides scalable, cost-efficient object storage in the cloud. Store performance-sensitive data in Premium, frequently accessed data in Hot, infrequently accessed data in Cool, and rarely accessed data in Archive.


Use this option when you…

  • Have an existing solution in Azure, or are planning to use Azure technologies primarily
  • Designed a solution that uses object storage (common)
  • Want Azure to keep track of how frequently you access some objects so they can be moved between hot and lower-cost cool tiers automatically (“Lifecycle Management”)
  • Need long-term, unchanging archival storage with no interaction expected

Example Use Cases

  • Need to serve web application assets and content
  • Have a service pipeline that uses object storage
  • Want to integrate SQL tools like Azure Synapse
  • Create a data lake to run big data analytics using something like Azure Databricks, HDInsight or wish to visualize the data with Microsoft Power BI
  • You need a hybrid storage option like Azure Files (CIFS, NFS)
  • Want integration with Stanford's Azure Active Directory

Cost Considerations

  • Pay for what you use with no minimums
  • Cost may vary substantially month-to-month
  • Know the specific cost considerations with “Lifecycle Management” to avoid costly mistakes
  • Be aware of the significant cost penalties with Archive Storage (early deletion, access and restore costs, etc
  • Like other vendors, education institutions like Stanford receive a waiver on practically all global data egress charges


  • This service is accessible as part of your Azure account
  • Your Azure account will be provisioned by UIT Hosting Services
  • If your service is self-managed, you will be responsible for all aspects of security compliance associated with your Azure account
  • UIT professional services teams may include this service as part of fully-managed, fully-supported solution