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Academic and Research Software Available at No Charge

Friday, August 13, 2021

Obtain a license

Starting Sept.1, university faculty, students, and staff members can purchase the listed software at no charge. To learn more, visit the Software Licensing webpage or submit a UIT Help request.

Please note, except for Labview, the vendors listed above do not allow SLAC affiliates to use the university licenses. SLAC has different licensing agreements for research software.  To learn more, SLAC staff members may submit a SLAC Help request.

Thanks to new university funding, a number of software subscriptions widely used by researchers, engineers, scientists, educators, and students will be available at no charge to individual users starting Sept. 1, 2021.

Academic and research software

Now, many more Stanford faculty, students, and staff can take advantage of the following powerful tools:

A centrally-funded approach

University IT’s Vendor Management team is responsible for academic software licensing at Stanford and has maintained enterprise licenses for these software titles for more than a decade. Until now, due to funding constraints, members of the Stanford community were required to purchase the software, albeit at a steep discount. 

Riding on the success of the free distribution of Matlab last academic year, the team proposed a centrally-funded approach to UIT leadership for all remaining academic software managed by UIT.  The proposal received endorsement from UIT and Business Affairs and moved forward as a formal request to the University Budget Group last fall.  After receiving the Provost’s approval, UIT  is now thrilled to offer this valuable new benefit to faculty, students, and staff.

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