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Get MATLAB and Simulink at No Charge

University faculty, students, and staff have access to the MATLAB and Simulink suite of software at no charge
Monday, August 17, 2020

Diligent effort on the part of University IT's Vendor Management team, resulting in financial support from the university, is putting money back into the budgets of current MATLAB and Simulink subscribers. By making the software subscription available at no charge to individual users, many more Stanford faculty, students, and staff can now take advantage of these powerful tools.

“This is a big win for Stanford,” said Steve Gallagher, Stanford CIO. “The new model we negotiated for MATLAB relieves local budgets of the cost of individual purchases, reduces Stanford’s overall cost for purchasing licenses, and expands the availability of this powerful tool. Moreover, it lessens the administrative burden for everyone.”

About MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink are widely used by researchers, engineers, scientists, educators, and students to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications using a graphical programming environment. The software helps relieve users of the programming otherwise required to perform these activities. 

A new cost-savings model

UIT’s Vendor Management team has maintained an enterprise license for MATLAB and Simulink for over a decade. Under that license, members of the Stanford community were required to purchase the software, albeit at a steep discount.

Last year, the Vendor Management team began negotiating with MathWorks to open the enterprise license to all faculty, students, and staff for a flat charge.  With this successfully behind them, the team proposed a centrally-funded approach to University IT and Business Affairs leadership. They were delighted to hear that during the most recent budget cycle, the Provost approved university funds to support this critical tool.

MATLAB and Simulink are available to any university faculty, student, or staff member with a full-service SUNet ID at no individual charge. The license does not include SLAC affiliates, as SLAC maintains its own enterprise license for MATLAB.

A full suite of products and training

A full suite of 100 MATLAB and Simulink-based products, including the MATLAB Parallel Server and other productivity tools, are available for download. Downloads can be made on both university-owned and personally-owned computers. 

In addition, users have access to MATLAB’s full library of online training products and MATLAB Grader, a platform for autograding coding problems and homework assessments.

How to download

Individual machine licenses, add-ons, and training courses are available for download on the Stanford University MATLAB portal.

For network and cluster licensing, please submit a Help ticket to the Vendor Management team.

For more information, please visit our Software Licensing page on MATLABIf you have any questions, please submit a Help request.

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