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Understanding and Transforming Your Data with Tableau

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  • Mon Mar 12, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

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Class Description

Use Tableau key features to better understand and manipulate your data for greater business insight.

Instructor Jie Zhang is a Operational Intelligence Manager in the Business and Metrics Analysis Department, and he has offered to share his insight with Tableau in this free workshop.  

Data understanding and transformation are crucial (and time-consuming) tasks in any data analysis project and often require knowledge of a scripting language to accomplish meaningful analysis. Tableau offers a variety of low-code features that assist analysts in this area. This class and workshop will guide students through various data tasks using Tableau in a series of hands-on exercises as well as teach core concepts behind data comprehension.

By the end the class and workshop, students should know how to identify the granularity of a dataset and subsequently manipulate it based on business need. They should also understand the level of detail (LOD) in data visualizations as well as use the LOD calculation feature in Tableau to create new attributes.

1. Overview of a Tableau data source
2. Data granularity and entity relationships
3. Joins, unions, and data blends
4. Aggregations and level of detail