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Three Basic Lean Tools and their Applications

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  • Tue Jan 17, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Live Online - 1 session $220

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Class Description

Effective immediately in response to COVID-19, most Technology Training classes will be delivered online until further notice.

In advance of each session, Tech Training will provide you with a Zoom link to your class, along with any required class materials.

This workshop provides you with an overview of lean concepts and a working knowledge of 3 essential lean tools and their applications. The workshop includes a brief introduction to lean thinking, key lean principles, and the five laws of lean sigma.

Training Goal:

To tailor a streamlined work environment, improve productivity, boost employee satisfaction with their job, and ensure the customer is pleased with your product and services.

Class Objectives:

  • Process improvement essentials.
  • Applying fundamental lean principles.
  • Applying the five laws of lean sigma.
  • Summarize three essential lean tools and their applications 


Brief History of Lean Manufacturing and short introduction to Lean Practices.

The Idea of Lean Thinking:

What does it really mean to leverage Lean Six Sigma to ensure quantifiable process improvement?

Key Lean Principles:

  •   Perfect first-time quality
  •   Waste Minimization/Elimination
  •   Continuous Improvement
  •   Pull Processing
  •   Flexibility
  •   Building

Five Laws of Lean Sigma:

  •   Law of the market
  •   Law of flexibility
  •   Law of Focus
  •   Law of velocity
  •   The fourth law

Essential Tools & Their Applications:

  •   A structured approach for looking at workflows
  •   Bottleneck Analysis
  •   The Deming Cycle
  •    Plan for changes
  •    Do changes on a small scale
  •    Check to validate changes
  •    Act to obtain the highest benefit from changes
  •   How to get the heart of an issue
  •    Root Cause Analysis


  • Lean Thinking
  • Five Laws of Lean Sigma
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • The Deming Cycle
  • Root Cause Analysis

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